Spending on emotional Christmas ads to hit record high

Christmas adverts are getting more expensive, more emotional and more event-like than ever before, new research shows.

Brands' Christmas adverts are becoming more expensive and event-like than ever, with new data from the Advertising Association showing that spending on festive campaigns has increased by 40 per cent in the last seven years.

Consumers now expect to be wowed and, in many cases, moved to tears by Christmas campaigns, with almost half of respondents to a survey carried out by the Advertising Association in conjunction with thinktank Credos revealing they had cried over a festive ad in the past.

What's more, one in six of those questioned even said they had changed their plans to make sure they could watch the premiere of their favourite Christmas advert.

There has long been excitement over the 'Holidays are Coming' Coca-Cola ad that is reshown every year, but new campaigns that consumers haven't even seen yet are garnering just as much - if not more, attention and excitement - demonstrating just how much of an impact a well thought-out Christmas campaign can have.

And it's not all about John Lewis. Karen Fraser, director of Credos, stated: "It's just upped the ante and so many brands and retailers are looking to compete in that market, but it means that everyone needs to work harder to get people's attention."

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