Digital advertising’s share of market hits 75%

Posted on Wednesday 28 June 2023 | IAB UK

Latest Digital Adspend data from IAB UK/PwC and AA/WARC shows that digital advertising’s share of the total UK ad market grew to 75% in 2022

The total UK ad market attracted £34.8bn of spend last year, with digital media accounting for three quarters of investment at £26.1bn, according to data from IAB UK/PwC and the Advertising Association/WARC. Breaking that total spend down further, 38% went on paid search and 30% on digital display. 

Overall, the UK ad market grew by 8.8% in 2022, with digital up 11.1%. Both out-of-home (which include digital out-of-home spend) and cinema continued to recover post-pandemic with spend up 31.1% and 123% respectively.


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