Social influencer school: Benefits for brands?

The launch of the online Social Circle Academy allows influencers to gain a certificate proving their status, which could help brands to determine which to work with.

A new online school for social influencers has been launched, which could help brands to see which individuals are the most credible and valuable to work with.

The Social Circle Academy provides free online modules in becoming a social media influencer, with advice from top influencers including Evan Edinger, Beckii Cruel and Eleana Overett.

Speaking to the Mirror, Matt Donegan, chief executive officer of Social Circle, explained that there currently isn't "a comprehensive and trustworthy source of information to train people to turn their passions into a credible business".

With a growing number of people aiming to grow a business online in this way, the Social Circle Academy team identified a gap in the market to provide training opportunities in this area.

"Social Circle is there to help influencers build and maintain their audiences and provide a path to a successful career and incomes," Mr Donegan stated.

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