Snapchat glasses launched in UK

The UK launch of Snapchat Spectacles could change the way brands create digital content in the future.

Snapchat Spectacles have launched in the UK and Europe, with the potential to transform the way that brands create digital content.
The gadget takes the form of a pair of glasses, which may look like normal sunglasses, but are in fact fitted with a camera that the wearer can use to record ten-second videos of everything they are able to see in a given moment.
This means that people can use the wearable tech to record content while they are walking down the street, unbeknown to everyone else in the vicinity, without having to get their smartphone out.
Instead, the content is saved automatically to the user's smartphone and can be uploaded to Snapchat later, presenting a brand new innovative way for brands to create digital content.
Since the US launch of Snapchat Spectacles in November 2016, more than 1.3 billion 'Spectacles Snaps' have been viewed throughout the country.

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