Snapchat introduces Nielsen ratings for UK marketers

Posted on: Tuesday 24 May 2016

Snapchat continues to boost its ad offering for brands.

In its latest step to improve its ad offering for brands, Snapchat has rolled out Nielsen mobile Digital Ad Ratings (mDAR) in the UK.

This is the first international measurement offering to be introduced by the social platform, as it aims to improve its capabilities for brands to measure how their content is consumed.

Its UK rollout follows the success of the service in the US, which allowed brands to measure audiences of the 3V advertising metrics (video, vertical, and views) on mobile devices.

This step is an important move for Snapchat, because even though the platform boasts around ten billion views a day, to date it hasn't given brands many opportunities to see their return.

It's hoped that this will help the social network to bolster more high-profile clients.

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