Snapchat app gets even more features

A partnership with Shazam means Snapchat is rolling out new features.

Snapchat is rolling out another set of new features before the year ends, after developing a partnership with Shazam.

This will give users the option to Shazam a song just by holding down the camera screen within Snapchat. The song title and artist will then appear on screen, as well as the option to listen to the song within the Snapchat app.

As well as the new Shazam feature, Snapchat is also rolling out a group chat option and two new creative tools, which it has named Scissors and Paintbrush.

The group chat will mean users can talk to up to 16 friends at a time, although, unlike other chats, it won't send a notification for every message sent.

Scissors will let users cut out part of a snap on the preview screen and make it into a sticker, while Paintbrush means users can turn their snaps into "an artistic masterpiece" and make it look like it's been painted.

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