Listening Britain: 33.2m listening to online audio weekly

Posted on: Monday 04 April 2022 | IAB UK

Our downloadable infographic pulls together key findings from the latest RAJAR MIDAS data on online audio listening habits in the UK for Winter 2021

The latest data for Winter 2021 shows that 33.2 million people in the UK are listening to online audio every week, comprising 60% of the population aged 15+. This figure is up from 29 million in spring 2020. Download the infographic below for further insight, with key points including: 

  • Share of listening among over 55 has gone from 24% in spring 2020 to 30% at the end of 2021, indicating that older demographics have turned to online audio during the course of the pandemic 
  • Total time spent listening to online audio stands at 13 hours a week. Time spent listening has fallen among over 35s but has significantly risen among 15-34 year olds
  • While mobile still remains the most used device by which to listen to online audio (accounting for 61% of weekly reach), voice activated speakers now represent 37% of reach (vs 30% in spring 2020), which could reflect the increased amount of time we’ve spent at home over the period and a fall in the use of desktops to listen to online audio (from 30% to 23%)

Listening Britain infographic

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