Knorr using AI tech to suggest recipes to Instagram users

As part of an innovative new campaign, Knorr is using artificial intelligence to suggest new recipes to Instagram users, based on their food posts on the platform.

Knorr is using innovative artificial intelligence-based tech to deliver a new campaign that promotes recipe ideas to Instagram users, influenced by the images they've posted on the platform.

The brand worked with the agency AnalogFolk on the campaign, which uses a clever algorithm to analyse Instagram data before suggesting recipes that would complement their lifestyle.

For example, Instagrammers who posted about a snowboarding event in the Italian Alps were linked to a one pot pasta and ragout recipe, which would keep them warm and full of energy during their active holiday.

What's more, Knorr will be hosting the world's first ever Instagram-powered restaurant event at London's Jones & Sons on Wednesday April 11. There will be no menu at the event; instead, diners will be served dishes based on their Instagram posts.

Philippa Atkinson, senior brand manager at Knorr for the UK and Ireland, commented: "We're excited to the the first Instagram-inspired recipe solution, using our consumers' own posts to prompt recipes with real value and relevance we know they'll love."

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