Introducing our Guide to Digital Innovation 2020

From shoppable video to gaming experiences, our new guide gives first-hand insight from 36 IAB members on the most innovative digital ad solutions and how brands can effectively harness them

Launching today, the 2020 Guide to Digital Innovation delves into key digital trends and looks to the future of innovation to ask what’s next. It has been created in partnership with 36 member companies from across the digital ad industry to provide a 360 degree insight into fast-evolving areas of digital, advice on how brands can authentically tap into them and to help businesses prepare for the future.

The guide is split into six chapters:

  • Market Disruptors: The digital innovations that will redefine best practice in the coming years 

  • Old Take, Fresh Tech: How innovations in technology can revitalise familiar marketing practices for a digital world

  • Shopability & the Purchase Journey: Performance driven innovations that will revolutionise the consumer purchase journey 

  • Tomorrow’s Tech, Today: A look into cutting-edge digital tech and how we can prepare for the arrival of these future game-changers 

  • Intelligent Connectivity: The innovations that will help us adapt to the demands of an increasingly connected world 

  • Using Digital for GoodHow innovative use of digital can allow brands to authentically and positively align themselves with causes and campaigns to further positive agendas

The first six articles are now live - with contributions from Activision, AudienceProject, Dentsu Aegis, Gleam Futures, Oracle Data Cloud and Unruly - spanning gaming, influencer marketing, attribution, shoppable video and contextual targeting. We will be releasing new articles every week over the next few months. 

Thanks to all of our contributors. You can see the guide here.

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