Instagram introduces new tagging tool for brand posts

Posted on: Sunday 18 June 2017

Instagram has introduced a new tagging tool that is designed to make it clearer when a post is sponsored by a brand.

Image-sharing app Instagram has launched a new tagging tool that is designed to make it clearer to users when a post has been sponsored by a brand.
Instagram began to roll out the new feature last week, with its introduction set to continue over the summer. It is designed to make content shared on the app more transparent to users, letting them know when an influencer has been paid to promote a product or particular topic.
The new tool will work in much the same way as Instagram's location-tagging tool, allowing users to put a strapline stating 'paid partnership with ... ' at the top of any collaborative posts.
Brands including Adidas, Manchester United and Volvo have been among the first to try it out in the UK, with Instagram intending for it to become the norm for all sponsored posts to be tagged in this way in the future.
In a blog post, Instagram explained: "When the tool is used, both the creator and business partner will have access to insights for that post, making it easier to share how followers are engaging with these posts."

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