Ikea launches value of sleep campaign

Ikea's new multichannel campaign swaps cocktails for herbal teas as it turns a nightclub into the perfect place to sleep.

Ikea has launched a new integrated marketing campaign centred around the fact that 63 per cent of people say they’re not content with the amount of sleep they get.

Among the digital elements of the campaign is The Ikea Sleep Hub, which has been created in conjunction with Dr Guy Meadows, who founded The Sleep School. It offers key insights and plenty of practical expertise that users can take on board and end up having a better night’s sleep as a result.

Other aspects of the initiative include in-store workshops and events that tap into the unique sleep experiences of each individual.

To film a new ad for the campaign, Ikea turned a nightclub into a sleeping space, encouraging people to think about the value of their slumber over other activities.

Instead of being greeted with cocktails, the would-be revellers were offered herbal teas, bar snacks were replaced by Cheerios and toast kebabs were switched in instead of the usual post-club meal. The club itself is also kitted out with Ikea’s comfy beds and the revellers are seen tucked up before sheep on the balcony above burst into clouds of glitter.

Laurent Tiersen, marketing manager at Ikea UK and Ireland, said, “The pressures of modern living place great focus on our waking lives, but we often neglect the importance of a good night's sleep - a lack of which can fundamentally impact our daily lives both physically and emotionally.

“The aim of this new campaign is to change how we prioritise the importance of getting a good night’s rest in an effort to get people to really understand that Tonight is to Sleep.”

Assets associated with the campaign can be seen across television, cinema and digital media.

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