IAB Debrief 2024 speaker submission guide

Posted on Monday 15 July 2024 | IAB UK

Speaker submissions for IAB Debrief are now open, find out below how you can take to the Debrief stage this November

IAB Debrief returns on 19 November, bringing together marketers, agencies and digital dynamos to share how digital can affect positive change to standout uses of emerging formats in campaigns and has driven results for advertisers. Last year IAB UK members took to the stage, hearing from Abercrombie & Fitch, E.ON Next, Boots and Bodyform (to name a few), sharing smart ways they’ve used digital channels to challenge the norm, deliver results and spark some joy. Speaker submissions are now open for any IAB UK member to propose a session and here’s how:

What are we looking for?  

  • When digital delivered - and then some: this is your opportunity to shout about a time when digital advertising - and your company, product or solution - knocked it out of the park for a client. The aim is to wow, so show the audience how you used digital to deliver  

  • From the top:  by hearing from both you and your client, we want to know how the campaign worked from beginning to end - don’t jump straight to the results. Talk us through the brief you were given, how you approached the challenge, the creative execution, how you measured success and why it worked  

  • Show and tell:  bring your pitch to life with inspiring creative examples. This event is all about celebrating creativity and effectiveness, so share visual and/or audio examples of what made your campaign stand out  

What are we not looking for?   

  • Sales pitches: we want you to big up your work, but don’t stray into sales pitch territory. This event is about showcasing digital innovation with your client - not selling to new ones  

  • Recycled content: sessions that have already been part of other conferences or shared elsewhere aren’t right for IAB Debrief  

  • Death by Powerpoint: the case studies that have worked best in the past don’t overdo it on slides or have any at all! Of course, content or video that showcases the campaign is welcomed, but try to avoid too many slides and too many stats   

  • Panel overload: think about the format of your session and how you can reflect the creativity of the campaign in how you tell the story  

  • Lengthy sessions: you’ll have 10-15 minutes on stage to intrigue and inspire the audience. So, when putting together your submission, think all killer, no filler and ensure you can convey your story in the time limit  

Things to include and consider when submitting:  

  • Your submission MUST feature a brand marketer as a speaker – so when submitting, please ensure the client is up for it and would be able to speak on stage with you  

  • What your session will cover - the brand, the campaign, the idea  

  • What delegates will learn and take away from the session  

  • How the session will leave the audience feeling  

  • Details of anything you would be able to exclusively reveal or share with delegates who will be on stage, along with videos of them speaking if available  

  • Links to any supporting or useful information  

How to submit  

  • Please submit your proposed speaker or session here 

  • Submissions will close on 22 August   

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