How is using AI to make its user experience 'more human'

Posted on: Wednesday 31 January 2018 will be delving deeper into the world of artificial intelligence in order to make its current bot more human-like.

In a sign of the increasingly digital world that we live in, dating site is exploring how it can use artificial intelligence (AI) to add more of a human touch to its user experience.

Match has been using its bot Lara to pair up singletons for several years now, but she is showing her age these days, as the world of AI has evolved to become much more human-like since its initial inception.

As a result, the brand is looking to bring voice recognition and more conversational abilities to its matchmaking bot, taking inspiration from popular voice-controlled assistants like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. Match also hinted that it would be interested in working with either of these brands in the future.

Speaking to The Drum, Abbie Oguntade, vice-president of Northern Europe at the Match Group, explained: "What we're also doing is optimising her vocabulary to make it more colloquial and we're improving her understanding and recommendations to bring that more 'human' element to her role."

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