Future Trends Volume 19: The Future of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

For the first Future Trends Paper of 2017, the IAB Future Trends Working Group decided to look into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Sakshi Dewan, Senior Digital Strategist, PHD talks about AI and chatbots. Sakshi argues that the possibilities for business and marketing created by AI innovation are immense. She discusses how the big industry players are investing in chatbots and how chatbots are becoming part of our daily lives. 

Adam Taylor- Foster, Head of Sales at Anyclip, questions what AI will mean for advertising, advertisers and audience. Adam argues that understanding the purchase process is essential to AI improving advertising. 

Tim Elkington, Chief Strategy Officer, IAB UK writes about fake news and how AI can validate whether or not content is legitimate or fake. Furthermore, Tim talks about the extraordinary ways that AI can actually create and write news. 

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