How augmented reality floating takeaway campaign paid off for Just Eat

Posted on: Friday 25 May 2018

Just Eat has revealed the results of a Facebook augmented reality campaign it ran last year, which allowed customers to create 'floating takeaway' images via social media.

Late last year, Just Eat launched an augmented reality (AR) campaign that allowed Facebook users to create and share selfies of themselves using fun food-themed filters.

The AR filters encouraged people to open their mouths and select their favourite takeaway from a list, which they would then see hovering in their mouth via their phone screen, before being given the option to purchase it for real.

This was a fun way to raise awareness of the Just Eat brand, and results from the campaign show that the initiative received over 102,000 unique interactions. Of these, ten per cent resulted in takeaway orders from Just Eat, which the brand is pleased with.

Ben Carter, UK managing director at Just Eat, told Mobile Marketing Magazine: "Our Facebook AR experience demonstrates that, with the right creative approach and strategic implementation, AR can provide incredible engagement, while at the same time driving real-world sales."


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