A Guide to Mobile & In-App Advertising

Posted on: Friday 04 December 2020 | IAB UK

Working with our Mobile and In-App Steering Group, we’ve pulled together the following resources to help advertisers get the most out of mobile and dispel some common myths

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With 56% of all digital ad spend on smartphones, mobile is a huge opportunity for advertisers - but where do you start when it comes to understanding how to create and measure an effective mobile in-app campaign? Working with our Mobile and In-App Steering Group, we’ve pulled together the following resources to help advertisers get the most out of mobile and dispel some common myths. From the possibilities offered by in-game ads, to understanding the importance of optimised creative, check out the below for advice on how to get it right.

How can brands successfully tap into in-app advertising?
Apps are an essential part of our daily lives. So, it’s no surprise that we collectively downloaded a total of 204 billion of them in 2019 and that the latest data shows usage has surged even more since lockdown. Writing for The Drum, our Mobile and In-App Steering Group share their thoughts on what the outlook for mobile is in 2021 and beyond. See what the group has to say here.

Adjust: What’s next for mobile? 
Adjust explores how automation can evolve mobile advertising, by allowing marketers to quickly change creative and iterate from the best performing campaigns, skipping manual processes and improving efficiency. Read the full piece here.   

AppsFlyer: Format & creative considerations for mobile
AppsFlyer gives an overview of the main ad formats available on mobile - particularly within in-game advertising - as well as a breakdown of key measurement techniques and an explainer on Apple’s impending changes to identifiers for advertisers. Read the full guide here

Podcast special from our Mobile & In-App Steering Group
We’ve gathered experts from our Mobile and In-App Steering Group to give us key insights into how to use in-app advertising - from those in the know. Featuring Sandra Schneider from ironSource, Russell Burden from AppsFlyer and Richard Smith at Adjust. Tune into the podcast below.

Guide to Digital Innovation: Mobile contributions
The Guide to Digital Innovation was created with 36 of our members over three months, delving into areas like how advertisers are using digital for good and disrupting the market. We’ve picked out contributions from across all areas of the project most related to mobile. Read them all here.

A guide to advertising on Mobile & In-App for small businesses
As part of our Powering Up research into advertising and SMEs, we’ve created a series of guides designed to show small businesses how they can get the most out of digital advertising. In the Guide to Mobile & In-App Advertising, we introduce the mobile advertising market in the UK, show what marketing challenges mobile is best suited to solve and consider other aspects of a mobile campaign like reach, creative, typical budgets and more. Check out the guide here. 

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