Channel 4 launches Snapchat campaign to accompany new teen drama

Channel 4 is encouraging young people to join in the conversation around its new drama Ackley Bridge via Snapchat.

Channel 4 has teamed up with image-sharing app Snapchat for a digital advertising campaign for its new TV show Ackley Bridge.
The programme's main characters are young people, with Snapchat one of the most popular social media sites for this age group, so Channel 4 has been using the platform to show short clips of the drama to its target audience.
As images and videos are only available on Snapchat for a short time before disappearing, the idea behind this marketing tactic was to build up intrigue around the new drama ahead of the airing date of the first episode on Wednesday May 31st.
Further short preview episodes and accompanying content to the series will be published on Snapchat as the drama progresses over the coming weeks.
James Walker, head of marketing at Channel 4, explained that incorporating Snapchat into the marketing campaign around the series "offers young audiences a way to engage with the world of Ackley Bridge and extend their viewing experience in a way that feels authentic to the platform whilst perfectly complementing the TV viewing experience".

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