Brands can now learn how to become Snapchat Storytellers

Snapchat is aiming to bring brands closer together with influencers with its new Storytellers functionality.

Snapchat is rolling out a new pilot feature for brands that allows them to become 'Storytellers' within the app.

The Storytellers function intends to team up brands with some of the most successful Snapchat Stories content creators, who will use their expertise as social media influencers to educate companies on how they can better use the Stories feature.

These relationships between brands and influencers will be based around informal agreements, with Snapchat stating that it will not take a cut of any transactions made as a result of businesses' improved Stories, meaning the return on investment for brands could be extremely desirable.

As part of the initial rollout, influencers will appear in adverts for Snapchat's Stories and Discover features, providing hints and tips to brands wanting to learn how to improve engagement with their content on the platform.

These relationships will then act as a springboard for brands to launch their own - hopefully successful - Snapchat Stories-based campaigns, possibly with involvement from the influencers themselves.

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