Arsenal fans get their own chatbot

Arsenal fans can now get stats, news and videos from Robot Pires, the AI chatbot created just for them.

Arsenal FC has now got its own chatbot to help fans find out the latest stats and news, as well as answering questions and delivering video.

Robot Pires will appear on all sorts of social media platforms - from Facebook Messenger to Slack - and will respond to requests directly from fans. Individual users will be able to harness the power of the digital version of one of the club’s greatest players in whichever way suits them. Casual supporters may simply want to be updated on the score, while die-hard fans may want access to minute-by-minute commentary, previews and classic goals.

Robot Pires has been created by GameOn, AI chat application specialists who have made chatbots for the likes of Sky Sports and the NFL in the past.

Tom Hines, senior content manager for Arsenal, said: "We're constantly looking at ways to bring fans content that makes their match day experience even more entertaining.''

"Working with GameOn to craft the bot is the next step in us developing a hub for fans that houses the answers to all of their questions - that feels intuitively part of the Arsenal voice and experience.

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