Twitter chatbot update changes brands' customer interactions

Posted on: Wednesday 14 June 2017

Twitter has introduced some updates to its chatbots that are designed to change the way brands interact with their customers via the platform.

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Twitter has introduced another update to its direct messaging function, allowing businesses to use a chatbot to interact with their customers in an innovative new way.
The social media platform has updated its chatbots so they can automatically get in touch with Twitter users who 'favourite' or retweet brands' posts, enabling companies to build relationships with their customer base via the network.
Direct messages received from the chatbot will now also feature a set of buttons designed to prompt further action from social media users; for example, they will have the option of clicking through to the brand's website, following them or tweeting to their own followers about the chatbot in order to boost its profile.
This latest update to the increasingly sophisticated Twitter chatbots follows an earlier change last month, which saw the site announce that brands would be able to run digital advertising campaigns via the platform that would automatically bring users to a direct messaging conversation with the company.
From here, they can now perform a host of other actions, which could lead to a significant change in the way brands interact with their customers in the future.

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