Alexa under the bonnet: Could in-car virtual assistants be the next big thing?

Amazon is looking into installing its voice-powered assistant Alexa into new Toyota and Lexus models, but how would driving with Alexa work?

Amazon is exploring how to install its voice-controlled virtual assistant Alexa in new Toyota and Lexus car models to bring artificial intelligence to the driving experience.

The online retail giant is partnering with Toyota to install Alexa under the bonnet of new models in the future, which would transform the driving experience, but does raise some questions about in-car safety.

However, it wouldn't be until next year that the first models with this technology would be rolled out to the consumer and fleet markets.

With such a significant rise in popularity for voice-powered virtual assistants over the past few months alone, the introduction of Alexa to vehicles would signal the next step in this technology's domination of every aspect of people's lives. In 12 months' time, Alexa could be part of even more aspects of day-to-day life.

John Scumniotales, head of products for the automobile wing at Alexa, commented: "It's still really day one for us in terms of what we can do with Alexa in the vehicle.

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