Index Exchange decreases timeouts for Immediate Media

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Immediate Media Co, a publishing house headquartered in London, was looking for a technical solution to help increase revenue without sacrificing the user experience — an ask Index Exchange took to the next level. With the help of its technical support teams and first-of-their-kind product developments, Index was able to integrate a number of solutions that have allowed Immediate to thrive, including Adaptive Timeout (which uses machine learning to help increase the number of bids -- and ultimately revenue -- a publisher is able to receive).

What was the role of digital within the media mix?

Immediate first took an interest in Index Exchange because of the easy-to-roll-out IX Library – a solution they could test out without deploying their own resources. However, it quickly became apparent to the Immediate team that they’d like to onboard Index Exchange as a long-term partner. The success of this partnership is, of course, the result of a collaborative effort. Immediate asked questions about how to effectively utilise their data, and Index Exchange’s analytics teams were able to provide answers and guidance that led to truly impressive results. By working with Index, for instance, Immediate quickly found that they needed to be hyper-specific in their goal setting, their look for exclusive demand, and opportunities to trade more effectively.

Key statistics


Increase in Programmatic revenue


Decrease in timeouts

What results did you attain? What was the biggest achievement?  

Immediate Media saw an instant 20 – 25 percent increase across all programmatic revenue after switching on our wrapper. Learn more about how Index’s partnership with Immediate Media has helped the team boost their understanding of the industry, marketplace, and how best to increase user yields without sacrificing user experience in the video above.


In a sentence...

Immediate Media decreases timeouts by 23 percent with Index Exchange’s Adaptive Timeout Solution

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