Search 2016: Emerging Trends Green Paper

As the IAB launches its 2016 search conference, ‘Humanising Search’, we are reminded just how embedded and instinctive a part of human behaviour search has become in, effectively, just two short decades.

With this in mind, IAB members have been reflecting on the latest emerging trends in search, on the value these bring to each of us in our everyday lives, and the vast new opportunities they offer to the advertiser.

Inside we have fresh insights and data from Google on understanding audience signals, the latest from Microsoft on their fascinating ventures into image search, and, from Domino’s Pizza Group, a call to totally rethink the way we view search - away from an activity proactively pursued by the consumer, to a powerful tool of suggestion, where brands anticipate our needs in advance. To round it all off we have a takeaway guide from agency Mediavest to all the key currently emerging trends, from keyword–less targeting to attribution modelling and automation.

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