Mobile Steering Group Viewpoint October 2016: Mobile Location

Hear the IAB Mobile Steering Group’s thoughts on the most exciting developments in mobile location.

In the last 5 years, location has moved beyond simple proximity targeting, and even its ability to derive behavioural characteristics for a target audience. It now aids sophisticated offline measurement and provides deep insight into how audiences move between different locations.

This means that advertisers are now able use location data to reach their audiences across mobile, tablet, and desktop – which is exciting! When you couple this with new location-based measurement solutions, such as footfall attribution, it means mobile opens up a whole new way of showing the real value of digital advertising.

This ability to link mobile advertising with real-world business outcomes and get intelligence of what’s working and what’s not is going to see a big step change in the next couple of years and it’s something which brands and agencies should be keeping a close eye on.

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