Future Trends Volume 17 : The Evolution of Mobile

Posted on: Wednesday 14 September 2016

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Welcome to Future Trends Volume 17 all about the evolution of mobile. Here we'll be discussing how mobile is evolving and what to expect in the future.

‘This is the year of mobile!’ I’ve heard this quoted every year for the last few years. However, we’ve consistently lived in ‘the year of mobile’ because mobile is constantly evolving. I remember back in 2001 getting my first mobile phone – a Nokia 3310 – and it was wonderful. I could text my friends, play ‘snake’ and phone my parents. One of my friends had a Nokia 3330 – which had WAP. Even cooler! 

The Future Trends council have decided to drilldown on the evolution of mobile in 2016. From Pokemon GO, to the Internet of Things and chatbots the mobile is no longer the simple, handheld device that it was. 

Ellie Lenton from Rezonence talks about the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it can provide more scope and relevance for advertisers to target the consumer. Ellie talks about how IoT can also improve B2B and exemplifies with technology being used by Kimberly-Clark. 

MediaCom’s Pete Young comments on the fact that mobile commerce is one of the fastest growing retail channels at this moment in time – and this is only growing. However, he observes the limitations to growth and gives us some potential insights into the future. 

Dan Calladine, Head of Media Futures at Carat, introduces us to chatbots. Chatbots are automated messengers who can recognise commands and provide pre-set answers. Dan argues that chatbots could be the next evolution of search and explains how. 

How could we forget Pokemon GO? Initiative’s Ben Walton writes about this unprecedented introduction to the world of AR for the everyday consumer. However, will it last? 

Finally, Bloomberg Media’s Joni Roberts shows us some sector specifics in the evolution of mobile. Joni looks at some of the major brands implementing the latest technology into some major campaigns.


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