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Meet Your Audience Where They’re Listening 
SpotifyWith most people still spending most of their time at home - we find ourselves turning to audio to soundtrack the various moments throughout the day. This has opened up new opportunities for brands to reach people in relevant ways - but only if the message lands right. Recent research from Spotify reports that 45% of listeners wish brands could understand what they're doing when they hear (or see) ads, so they can be more relevant and less disruptive. 

So whether it's chilling to a favorite classical playlist or catching up with podcasts while cooking dinner, check out all the moments people use audio to enhance their lives at home with Spotify’s self named ‘cheat sheet’ - designed to help advertisers reach people in the right moments with audio ads that resonate.

View the infographic here


Meet the Generation Rebuilding Society
Spotify recently released the second edition of their annual global trends report, Culture Next — breaking down how Gen Zs and millennials are shaping the future. Culture Next reveals the five key trends these young generations are shaping, by pairing Spotify’s own Streaming Intelligence data with third-party research and conversations with Gen Zs and millennials around the world.

By exploring Culture Next, you'll find actionable takeaways on how to reach these generations effectively on Spotify and new ways to empower and connect with your audience.

Read the report here.   


Preparing for the New Normal 
1Like so many industries, gambling has undergone a seismic shift over the past six months. TIPi Group, an independent network of digital agencies with a long history of partnering with some of the world’s biggest gambling brands, have unveiled a data-led whitepaper which deep-dives into the industry, highlighting how consumer behaviours are shifting and what brands can do to prepare for the new normal. Read the full report here

Alongside the release of the Whitepaper, TIPi Group are also running a virtual panel session on the 24 June as part of its ‘The Now & The Next’ series. During this session the key findings and implications from the Whitepaper will be discussed in greater depth.


Charting changes

blisWhile the COVID-19 crisis is unfolding, the Blis team is monitoring patterns of consumer behaviour to help brands understand how best to communicate with their customers. They’ll be providing regular updates via ‘The changing behaviour series’, including trends they’re seeing in the data and how it is being reflected by brands’ activity around the world. Take a look at the latest updates:

Changing behaviour series


Trending Now 

mopubThe current crisis we are all going through is changing consumers behaviour and advertisers should adapt their media plans accordingly. To provide timely and actionable data, MoPub has tracked global app usage trends during the COVID-19 outbreak. Read the study here and see below for more analysis of consumer habits. 

The 'In App gap' where premium eyeballs go to waste

Who's playing mobile games in 2020?

80% adoption of App-ads.txt


Walking A Fine Line

dynataTo advertise during a pandemic or not to advertise? That is the question. Knowing if and how to advertise to consumers during the pandemic is just one of many of the unknowns for brands across the UK during this period. Looking to overcome and tackle the complexities of the pandemic, Dynata have published part one of a new series ‘Advertising in the New Normal’. Its latest research report, ‘Walking a Fine Line: Brand Messaging During the Crisis’ also uncovers whether consumers think brands should be advertising right now, and which messages in ads resonate best.

Read their latest blog post 100 days, 100 nights


New Routines, New Buying Behaviours

BauerWe are all reacting differently to living in lockdown, but we’ve all had to adapt - our behaviours, routines and habits have had no option but to change.

Bauer has launched a piece of insight delving into the details of how us Brits are reacting to lockdown. Gathering data from 5,500 consumers who have opted to become ‘Bauer Insiders’ - a community that receives regular surveys to provide invaluable insight into all aspects of their lives, and who all consume a wide range of Bauer Media’s brands across digital, radio, print, TV and events. During lockdown Bauer is contacting them bi-weekly to gain timely audience insights reflecting the changing attitudes, behaviour and media consumption of our locked-down audiences.

View the latest report, ‘6 weeks later: there’s no place but home’’ compares data from 24 - 27 April to 19 - 22 March here

View the bitesize infographic here


9 to 5 No More 

unrulyWe’re all creatures of habit, so what happens when our 9-5 is turned upside down, our spending habits come to a halt and we’re forced to, well, do nothing?

Video Ad Tech Company Unruly surveyed 2,556 consumers around the world to see how the pandemic is impacting consumer interests and behaviours. The study reveals that COVID-19 is reshaping consumers behaviours and routines. In the UK  only 4% are continuing on as normal, while 48% are self-isolating and 48% are practising social distancing. COVID-19 is reshaping consumer content consumption, spending habits and advertising preferences. 

As a result, people’s views on how brands should advertise to them have also changed - find out more here


The State of Shopping App Marketing

AppsFlyer2020 will be remembered as a year of seismic shifts in online and in-app shopping. The spread of COVID-19 has led to consumers becoming active in-app shoppers. According to AppsFlyer, marketers should embrace this shift and  prepare for Q4 with a carefully-planned strategy that is backed by data and insights. In light of this, they have developed ‘The State of Shopping App Marketing’  that offers key benchmarks, insights, and trends in every market from Q4 2019 through Q2 2020.

Read the full report here.

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