Tracking & Analysis

Tracking the traffic 
similarwebSimilarweb are offering a daily assessment of the repercussions on consumer and business behavior amid the growing coronavirus outbreak. The tool drills down into data on the sectors and industries that are being most impacted, as well as tracking the traffic patterns to different websites offering statistics on COVID-19. Take a look.



Evolving OOH 
talonWith a rather dramatic shift in how we live our lives - from social distancing and working from home to changing our shopping and exercise habits - what will happen when we go back to ‘normal’? Talon Outdoor’s Group Strategy Director Sophie Pemberton spoke to The Drum about how the current situation is changing the OOH industry and what the future holds, as well as real time analysis from Ada on the true UK population movement during the COVID-19 outbreak. Providing a holistic view of the UK across all OOH formats and key environments, they are sharing these insights to support the wider industry.


A Global View 
pubmaticWith COVID-19 having impacted most industries across the globe, the team at PubMatic have put together an infographic charting the impact COVID-19 has had on global ad spend. Delving into data on automotive, real estate, pets, shopping, travel and the arts. View the infographic here.



Track It
awinCOVID-19 is changing how we all lead our lives. To help lend support, Awin is taking a series of operational measures to ensure it provides continued service to all partners, as well as a whole range of information and updates. 

Its dynamic global performance tracker takes a weekly look at data from more than 15,000 advertisers across the world. The data includes sales, sales revenue and device, split between mobile and desktop, and is filterable by country and top level sector. Find out more here

Awin is also delving into how affiliate marketing demand is ‘booming’ during the COVID-19 outbreak and discuss what trends are surfacing in this webinar. Additionally, the Awin Talks podcast series looks at how COVID-19 is changing shopping habits. Catch up here. 


Webinar Wonders
analyticEvery business is having to reimagine, repurpose and react fast with how they market to clients, but where do you start? Analytic Partners are running a series of webinars around future-proofing your brand (Rethinking Marketing Strategy in Turbulent Times and Planning for What’s Next) and evolving stronger from this crisis with solutions such as Live Models.

From their research, they have also just recently published a new report with key findings, including: if a brand cuts media by £40 million in 2020, it could lead to £240 million in revenue losses in the long-term.


Move With Certainty 
liverampThe data landscape is constantly shifting under our feet. Pulled one way by GDPR and CCPA, another by Brexit, shaken by cookie depreciation, and then turned upside-down by the effects of COVID-19. Pick apart the issues and gain some clarity on what the right moves are for brands, retailers and data providers joining a selection of prominent special guests for a live webinar with the team at Live Ramp on Thursday 14 May. Register here


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