Mobile Web & Apps - UK specific results from Global IAB study

The IAB (US), in conjunction with the UK and 16 other markets, wanted to understand consumers’ mobile internet usage and perceptions towards the experience on mobile web and mobile apps, as well as examine whether there are differences in consumer reaction and perceptions to advertising on these two mobile platforms.

This deck focuses on the UK specific results.

 Key Findings:

  • Mobile devices are an integral part of daily lives. 71% check every 30 mins or more, and 27% check every 5 mins or more. 

  • Consumers’ preference towards using mobile web and mobile apps varies by type of activities and type of content. Generally speaking, mobile web leans towards information heavy activities, whereas mobile apps are more likely to be used for entertainment and social.

  • Awareness of advertising on both mobile platforms is high. Around 7 in 10 remember seeing mobile ads on mobile web or app that day

  • Consumers have noticed an increase in the number of ads on web and app, but most haven’t noticed an improvement in creative quality, and more feel ads are now less rather than more relevant to their interests. This is a key area to improve upon.

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