Consumer Insights April 2018

IAB UK asked a series of questions to consumers to support the release of the Full Year 2017 Adspend Report

A YouGov Omnibus of 2,080 GB online adults, aged 18+ weighted to represent the GB adult population. The survey asked questions around connected devices, smartphone activities and online video, as well as responses to online ads and data collection.

Key findings:

  • The average household now owns 7.2 connected devices

  • Smartphones are the most used device, especially for younger age groups

  • People are doing more activities on smartphones - 43% have listened to podcasts more, 42% have viewed more stories on social media, and 36% learnt more skills online

  • Short clips were the most common form of online video watched in the last 6 months

  • Over 2 in 3 18-24 year olds say a good advert makes them like the brand more

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