IPA and IAB team up to educate industry on digital evaluation

Posted on: Monday 10 April 2017

The IPA has teamed up with the IAB to produce new industry training that will help clients and agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of their digital activity.

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Announced today, 13 April, the training module has been written specifically for the IPA’s Eff Test by the IAB to help the industry develop a forensic approach to evaluating campaigns across the broad church of digital. 

It outlines the critical measurement and effectiveness issues such as attribution modelling, cross-screen tracking, third party measurement and validation, and how to overcome the challenges of mobile measurement. It also discusses current topics including ad blocking and online to offline tracking. 

Says Tim Elkington, Chief Digital Officer, IAB who led the piece: “With digital ad spend passing the £10 billion threshold, there’s never been a more important time to get the industry better at assessing digital effectiveness and understanding how measurement is evolving. The new module covers all bases so marketers can focus on using digital, confident in the knowledge they can measure its effectiveness.”

As well as digital evaluation, the IPA’s wider Eff Test qualification covers a broad range of subjects including programmatic, search, econometrics, native advertising, output measures, calculating ROMI, evaluating PR, public sector campaigns and more. The challenging qualification, which involves 35 hours of online learning and a two-hour exam, will also help practitioners take one step closer to writing a winning IPA Effectiveness Award paper.

Says Patrick Mills, Director of Professional Development, IPA: “When it comes to proving effectiveness – ie that creative ideas and innovative media strategies have generated commercial success - the task can be complicated and challenging. And that’s why the IPA Eff Test is invaluable. It equips both clients and agencies with the correct awareness, metrics, understanding and language to fully demonstrate whether a campaign has been a success.”

The learning is open now, and the 2017 Exam Dates will be held on: 29th June, 28th September, 23rd November 2017.

IAB members can get a £50 discount off the Eff Test using the discount code EFFTEST50EX, book via http://www.ipa.co.uk/eff-test

To apply this discount, you must enter the code at each individual booking. If you would like to make multiple bookings please do so individually, with the same discount code provided above applied to each booking.


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