IAB UK’s response to recent reports on brand safety

The IAB firmly believes in keeping brands and consumers safe online, so welcome any change that promotes a better digital advertising experience. In the past year, IAB UK has taken clear steps to raise the standard of digital advertising and address key issues facing the industry. Google, like all our members, has a role to play in helping build a sustainable future for digital advertising.

Last month we launched the IAB Gold Standard, with three primary actions that media owners can take to reduce ad fraud, improve the digital advertising experience and increase brand safety. All 24 of our board members – including Google – have publically committed to implementing the Gold Standard.

Google takes their responsibility and this commitment seriously.  We remain in close contact with their UK management team to ensure we are clear on the changes and speed of progress they’re making to ensure the safety of brands on YouTube. We also recognise that Google is rightly taking a lead on what is a subjective and nuanced issue.

Despite their own acknowledgement that there is still work to be done, the Gold Standard is just one example of the many practical measures they are implementing that demonstrates their commitment to building a better digital advertising environment.

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