IAB releases adblocking primer that recommends a new ‘deal’ between publishers and consumers

Ad blocking detection script, and improved user experience, are keys to better value exchange, trade group says.

The IAB UK believes in an ad funded internet so that publishers can continue to make their content, services and applications widely available at little or no cost to the consumer. We believe ad blocking undermines this approach.

The IAB Technology Laboratory released its Publisher Ad Blocking Primer, outlining the tactics publishers are successfully employing to persuade users to stop deploying ad blockers.

The IAB Tech Lab simultaneously released its exclusive ad blocking detection script available to all IAB and IAB Tech Lab members around the world, providing them with the opportunity to see – and ultimately engage with – visitors to their sites who have ad blockers turned on.

The primer identifies DEAL as a recommended approach for publishers to connect with ad blocking consumers through a step-by-step process:

  • Detect ad blocking, in order to initiate a conversation

  • Explain the value exchange that advertising enables

  • Ask for changed behaviour in order to maintain an equitable exchange

  • Lift restrictions or Limit access in response to consumer choice

Several of the tactics highlighted in the primer fit into the DEAL sequence – and all strongly encourage adhering to the LEAN (Light, Encrypted, Ad choice supported, Non-invasive ads) principles, which were released in October 2015 to help publishers create an uncluttered, smooth user experience on ad-supported sites. The paper points out that the DEAL method of engaging with consumers who have installed ad blockers will be more effective if a publisher’s site offers a user-friendly web environment.

David Frew, IAB UK's Senior Programmes Manager, said: "Our adblocking primer and detection script is about opening up the conversation that should have been started between content providers and consumers a long time ago. By identifying the requirements of their audience and acknowledging the reasons behind why people choose to block ads content providers can provide a better online experience to their users allowing digital advertising to continue to thrive."

The IAB Tech Lab Publisher Ad Blocking Primer was developed by the IAB Tech Lab Ad Blocking Working Group and released at the IAB Programmatic Marketplace conference in New York City. To read the entire paper, go to iab.com/adblockingprimer. In addition, IAB and IAB Tech Lab members from across the globe can request access to the IAB Tech Lab ad blocking detection script by visiting iab.com/detectionscript.

About the IAB Technology Laboratory
The IAB Technology Laboratory is an independent, international, nonprofit research and development consortium charged with producing and helping companies implement global industry technical standards. Comprised of digital publishers and ad technology firms, as well as marketers, agencies, and other companies with interests in the interactive marketing arena, the IAB Tech Lab’s goal is to reduce friction associated with the digital advertising and marketing supply chain, while contributing to the safe and secure growth of the industry. The organisation’s founding member companies include AppNexus, Google, Hearst Magazines Digital Media, PubMatic, Tremor Video, Yahoo, and Yahoo! JAPAN. Established in 2014, the IAB Tech Lab is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

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