IAB & ISBA collaborate to launch educational resource

The Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) UK and ISBA, the Voice of British Advertisers have released the Big Mobile Handbook for Buyers.

View the handbook here 

Research conducted by the IAB at the end of 2015 showed that programmatic advertising on mobile is one of the least understood mobile topics within the industry*. Alongside programmatic, creativity, ad blocking and attribution were also cited as key challenges for many brands and their agencies. With this in mind, the IAB and ISBA have partnered to produce a useful resource for anyone involved in the buying of mobile campaigns – to help them maximise mobile's potential.

The handbook covers a wide range of topics, including:

  • The mobile landscape

  • Planning and buying mobile campaigns

  • Executing mobile campaigns

  • Navigating the world of mobile data

  • Creating the right environment for mobile growth

  • Future proofing your mobile strategy

Direct Line Group's, Head of Digital & Social Engagement, Raluca Efford, said: “Arguably, advertisers are still struggling to ‘crack’ mobile and make it an effective part of their campaigns, so the IAB /ISBA Handbook will be a huge help in showcasing how to best take advantage of the mobile space.”

IAB’s Mobile & Video Manager, Mike Reynolds said: “With mobile ad spend reaching £1.723bn in the first half of 2016, growing by 56%, it’s never been a more exciting time to take advantage of the mobile opportunity. With this in mind, brands and agencies need to be equipped with the right knowledge, and skill sets, which is why we have partnered with ISBA to produce this handbook so that they feel confident investing their budgets in mobile.

ISBA’s Marketing Services Manager, David Ellison said: “This Handbook provides advertisers and their agencies with the opportunity to ensure that they obtain buy-in, choose the right suppliers and establish a joined up strategy with other media to optimise their mobile ad campaigns.

Viewability, ad fraud and brand safety are challenges that are faced by advertisers when considering mobile advertising. The Handbook, along with the IAB LEAN initiative and the Coalition for Better Ads will ensure that consumers are served with ‘acceptable ads’.”

The handbook was curated, and written by, a number of key IAB & ISBA members including, UKOM, Publicis Media, MediaCom, Somo, Celtra, Yume, Yahoo, Weve, Google, Widespace, Sizmek, Blis, VoluumDSP, Waze, InSkin Media, Numbate, and Mindshare.

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