EDAA's OBA Self-Regulation programme extends into mobile

Mobile principles launched at first ever EDAA Summit on 1 March 2016.

The European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) announces today the launch of New Mobile Principles, adapting the EU Self-Regulatory Programme on Online Behavioural Advertising to the mobile environment.  

The announcement, made at the 2016 EDAA Summit, confirms the application of the existing Principles of transparency and control to mobile web-browsing and extends the scope of the Programme to cover the collection and use of the following to tailor ads to Internet users based on their interests: 

  • cross-application data

  • location data 

  • personal device data (such as address book)

The new Principles, as developed by IAB Europe, builds on the existing Self-Regulatory Principles which apply in the desktop environment. The Consumer Choice Platform at www.youronlinechoices.eu is already optimised for mobile browsing.   

Going forward, companies in the mobile advertising space will be required to provide enhanced notice and choice to consumers with regard to their OBA practices, through the well-recognised ‘OBA Icon’ and Consumer Choice Platform. A pan-European consumer choice mobile app will be released to improve the user experience when exercising choice on mobile. 

Companies’ mobile ad operations shall also be subject to the compliance and enforcement mechanisms under the Self-Regulatory Programme.

Nick Stringer, Chair of the EDAA Board, said:

“Whilst EU legislators have been discussing new data protection laws, advertising businesses and industry have been implementing practical ways to give users greater transparency and control over behavioural or interest based advertising. These new Principles adapt this approach to the mobile environment, reflecting the growth of advertising spend on mobile devices across EU markets.” 

Oliver Gray, EDAA Director-General, said:

“The dynamic of the global digital space is driving the need for the already established EDAA Self-Regulatory Programme to apply beyond the desktop environment. Today’s launch of the new Mobile Principles gives a clear industry signal to implement this in Europe over the next few months.” 

Beyond the mobile extension, EDAA’s first ever Summit today sees high level debate around the key policy and business challenges for the online advertising industry in promoting transparency and control towards consumers.  

Recent research, communicated at the Summit, shows brand advertisers and consumers value ad self-regulation. Today’s evolution of the European Self-Regulatory Programme demonstrates once again the ability to balance regulatory and non-regulatory means for the benefit of consumers and businesses alike. 

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