Why an omnichannel strategy is a game changer for advertisers

Posted on Monday 13 March 2023 | Frank Schofield - Demand Lead, UK & Nordics, at Magnite

Frank Schofield, Demand Lead, UK & Nordics, at Magnite, explains the benefits of omnichannel advertising and how it is set to evolve

Digital advertising has delivered an entirely new ecosystem for advertisers to access their key consumers at scale. In fact, technological advances now mean brands and their agencies have more insight, tools and opportunities for creativity than ever before. 

When we think about how the average day of a consumer has evolved in the past decade, one of the key changes has been their increased interaction with multiple devices. Today, a person may start their day listening to a digital radio station, before checking their emails on their phone and then listening to a podcast on the train to work. They may see a digital billboard before settling down on their laptop at work. On their way home they might listen to a podcast, and then turn on their smart TV to watch their favourite show before bed. 

According to Magnite’s latest research, audience habits are now predominantly omnichannel. Three-fourths of audiences across the EU5 and Nordics are watching videos on websites each week as well as using multiple devices at home to watch TV. 

The percentage of people using different devices weekly are:

  • Smart TV: 89%
  • Smartphone/tablet: 85%
  • Laptop/desktop: 84%
  • Internet connected devices: 67%
  • Streaming devices: 60%

Magnite data also reveals how exposure via different digital touchpoints enhance how streamers connect with brands. 75% of ad-supported streamers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they engaged with across multiple devices such as TV, mobile or desktop, compared to 64% of traditional TV viewers.

Advertisers understand this important change in behaviour and are adapting their media campaigns to connect with their customers more holistically. Taking an omnichannel approach allows a brand or agency to tap into the daily routine of their demographic, and create ads that are relevant and timely. 

In addition, ads served across connected devices are effective in moving consumers down the purchase funnel. Research by Showheroes Group also showed 43% of CTV users searched for a product because of seeing a CTV ad, one third visited an advertiser's website and one in five have bought a product after seeing a CTV ad.

As well as improving the path to purchase, advertisers benefit from operational efficiencies when adopting an omnichannel approach. Particularly as emerging formats such as audio and native evolve, data capabilities and reporting become even more important as advertisers look for a single source of truth. 

The omnichannel approach also provides a cost-effective alternative to single format campaigns which don’t facilitate the same level of flexibility where money can be allocated. It is also a more scalable option as more and more connected devices become available and usage continues to grow.  

And the benefits are not just for advertisers. Strategic investment in technology has vastly improved the user experience for audiences engaging with advertising across multiple screens. Products are now available to  reduce repetitive adverts being shown within the same slots, and protect brands with competitive separation.  

Looking to the future, there is potential for omnichannel technology to evolve. As this holistic approach becomes the predominant way brands communicate with their customers, an increase in creative demand will refine and improve what can be achieved. In the future, we could see advertisers using each touchpoint to form a segment of their brand story. 

For example, an omnichannel campaign for a car could combine hearing the description of the new car with the sound of the engine in an audio format moving to a display ad showcasing the outside of the car, followed by an in-gaming ad that allows you to toggle through the dashboard screen. Finally, the campaign could finish with a CTV ad showing the entire car. 

While this may not be the reality today, omnichannel advertising campaigns already offer a holistic, cohesive and consistent experience for the consumer and advertiser. The technology is now available for brands to take advantage of evolving consumer habits, making this a critical element for advertisers looking to future proof their brand strategy.

Written by

Frank Schofield

Demand Lead, UK & Nordics, at Magnite


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