Pernod Ricard and S4M, a Travel Retail Campaign

Posted on: Wednesday 17 October 2018 | Andy McNab, Managing Director, UK - S4M

Reaching Your On The Go Target Audience. 

The travel retail industry is expected to be valued at $82.4bn.* This should come as no surprise considering about 15 percent of the world's population travels annually.  How can the mobile ad industry reach these often jetlagged and destination focused consumers?  By combining the elements of a traditionally successful advertising campaign with cutting-edge digital advertising technology. That’s the approach S4M took when partnering with Pernod Ricard for a travel-retail drive-to-store campaign. Here, we’ll discuss the potential hurdles and key takeaways. 


Connecting with consumers and keeping them engaged during the normal activities of their daily lives can be difficult. To reach luxury and business travellers on the go and drive them to the nearest point of sale while in the airport presents two particular challenges. One, the layout of the airport can be complicated. Two, airport travellers are inundated with messages while trying to get from point A to point B.  So how can advertisers cut through the noise and make it easy for potential customers to find their duty-free point-of-sales located in an airport?


One, meet consumers where they are and make it easy to find your product. With the advances in location technologies, it’s possible to provide the consumers with a customized map and instructions to the nearest point of sale.  Two, create an engaging mobile ad. It should go without saying, that getting and keeping the attention of the users you want to see your ad is a non-negotiable. Personalized details pulling the viewer into a brand universe is a sure fire way to keep them interested. Using brand-specific ads that redirect to a user-tailored page is one way to do that while travellers are in the airport or elsewhere.

Ultimately what we found was that by guiding the consumer along and providing a personalized experience, it’s possible to drive them to point of sales. At least that’s what our digital campaign that generated a 70% uplift in traffic to airport shops selling Pernod Ricard suggests.


Written by

Andy McNab, Managing Director, UK - S4M


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