Media measurement's #10yearchallenge

Posted on: Monday 18 March 2019 | Nick Morley, Managing Director, Integral Ad Science

Integral Ad Science looks back at how measurement functioned in 2009, and how that compares to how it will be functioning in 2029. 

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As the #10YearChallenge craze swept across the globe at the start of 2019, we were reminded of the transformative decade for digital media measurement. Recent IAB research found cross-media measurement was the biggest challenge for UK brands, mirroring our own IAS Industry Pulse survey revealing lack of consistent measurement as the UK’s second major priority this year.

So, how have we ended up here? Let’s explore measurement’s evolution to pole position, and look at where to focus to best prepare for 2029.


The world of digital advertising became further fragmented, with increased social consumption and faster mobile browsing. Apple launched the iPhone 3GS and QWERTY keyboard mobiles were the ‘must-have’. However, measurement was less complex because, quite simply, there was less to measure - the iPad wouldn’t launch until 2010

New browsing behaviours ushered in demand for consistent cross-media measurement. Brands needed to understand how best to engage mobile consumers, which consequently created demand for third party measurement to evaluate every buy. Also consequently, in 2009 Integral Ad Science was created to tackle this exact industry need.


Media measurement has come a long way and there has been growing encouragement for the digital ecosystem to shift focus from volume-based measurement, to look at metrics demonstrating true campaign impact, such as viewability and time-in-view.

Demand for greater transparency into measurement and performance metrics has also arrived. The latest steps being taken to address this were seen by the major social media platforms, opening up to third party measurement, providing the transparency demanded.


The industry will need to collaborate to arrive at true cross-media measurement, alongside embrace emerging channels, such as OTT. However, to be truly successful, we must focus on performance-based measurement to prove the business impact of media spend. In the next #10YearChallenge, we want measurement to be the top industry success, not the prime challenge.

Written by

Nick Morley, Managing Director, Integral Ad Science

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