IAB announces Global's Faye McDowall as new chair of IAB Audio Advisory Group

The IAB is excited to announce Faye McDowall, Digital Strategist at Global as the chair of our Audio Advisory Group.

Faye McDowall

The team at Global have been an integral part of the Audio Advisory Group since 2014, with Faye being a prominent member over the past two years. Faye brings with her a wealth of experience in the Digital Audio space and we are delighted to have her at the helm of the IAB’s Audio Advisory Group.

Here's what Faye had to say about her appointment...

Having been involved with the Audio Advisory Group for two years, I am thrilled to have been appointed as its new chairperson. The industry is currently going from strength to strength with more people spending more time listening to digital audio. Every week, 22.3 million people are listening to digital audio – this is up 11% year-on-year. The facts speak for themselves. Digital audio is an essential part of people’s lives and advertisers are sitting up and taking notice. 

Like many of you, I have been to several events throughout the last few years where I was told that we were entering the most exciting time for audio. There’s no question that this is now true. As web browsing becomes screenless and voice-activated devices are appearing in more and more ‘smart homes’, digital audio has never been such an important part of the marketing mix. 

At DAX, the number of advertisers running campaigns through our platform every week continues to grow, showing how seriously brands take digital audio. As other digital media formats come under further scrutiny, the fact that digital audio is transparent and brand-safe is yet another reason why investment from advertisers is on the rise.

As more consumers plug in their headphones, those of us working in digital audio will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible, from the creative content we produce to the way we target listeners and measure results. The future of digital audio is incredibly compelling and I’m looking forward to working with my colleagues at the Audio Council on the opportunities this fast-moving medium presents. 



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