YouTube's television rivalry comes to an end

Posted on: Thursday 15 December 2016

The video platform is now working with television broadcasters.

For a long time now YouTube has been seen as a rival to television, as younger generations particularly consume content through this platform instead of on the TV. However, at its annual Brandcast sales pitch to advertisers, the company announced that it has been taking a much more united approach.

Alison Lomax, director of brand solutions at Google, stated that YouTube has been working closely with "all broadcasters - that’s the global broadcast companies and production companies, as well as the more local ones".

She said that this is because even though YouTube has a huge following on mobile, the fastest growing platform for the service is actually via television. 

"It also demonstrates the sharing factor - a lot of people are watching YouTube in a shared capacity, it’s not one-on-one - that’s really interesting for advertisers," she explained.


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