YouTube making livestreaming easier for content creators

Posted on: Thursday 22 March 2018

YouTube has introduced a new feature that allows content creators to livestream via the site from their smartphones and from their computers without an encoder.

YouTube has announced that it is making it much easier for vloggers and other content creators to livestream videos via the platform with the introduction of a new feature.

Previously, YouTubers have needed a computer with an encoder to livestream via the site, but a few tweaks from the video giant mean this is no longer necessary. Instead, people will be able to livestream to YouTube directly from their smartphones or from their computers with just a few clicks.

In a blog announcing the changes, YouTube said: "Whether you want to hold a mini concert, teach snowboarding or celebrate a milestone with fans, these tools will make it easier to share and interact with your community live."

To begin with, this feature will be available through the Google Chrome browser and via select Samsung, LG, Nokia, Motorola and Asus phones, although YouTube is working with other brands to bring the function to their handsets in the near future.

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