UK advertisers can now reach every Snapchat user with their content

Posted on: Sunday 14 May 2017

Snapchat's Max Reach feature has been rolled out in the UK and France, allowing brands to reach every user of the app with their digital advertising.

Digital advertisers in the UK and France can now reach the entire Snapchat user base with their ads, after the image-sharing platform rolled out its Max Reach function to brands in these countries.

Max Reach has already been made available to US brands, with the tool allowing advertisers to reserve space across Snapchat's Discover, Our Stories and User Stories features for specific ads, Campaign Live reports. Brands wanting to use Max Reach need to already be using the Snap Ads function, which supports full-screen adverts with sound.

According to statistics from Snap Inc, 158 million people across the world use Snapchat every day. As Max Reach allows brands to have their adverts seen by every Snapchat user, the potential reach of this function is huge.

Advertisers need to book their Max Reach slot a month in advance, with availability dependent on demand. Their adverts will then be targeted at all Snapchat users for a single day.

While this may not be a particularly long time period, Snap Inc found that the average user of the app opens it 18 times a day, meaning there are plenty of opportunities for brands' digital marketing messages to capture consumers' attention.

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