Snapchat to introduce 'shoppable AR'

Snapchat is launching an in-built shoppable augmented reality feature, allowing users to buy brands' products via the app directly.

Snapchat has revealed that it will be introducing a new augmented reality-based in-built shopping feature within the app, which is being dubbed 'shoppable AR'.

Adidas and beauty brand Coty are among the first to try out the new shopping feature, which allows brands to add a shopping button to their Snapchat posts, from where users can purchase the products being shown.

However, before buying the items, Snapchatters can use innovative AR-based technology to see how the product would look on them; for example, Adidas has created an AR selfie lens to allow social media users to 'try on' some of its trainers.

Chris Murphy, head of digital experience at Adidas, explained: "We no longer live in a world where it has to be either brand or commerce - consumers don't think that way and neither should we."

To begin with, Snapchat's 'shoppable AR' will be made available to users in the US and UK.

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