Samsung to provide immersive event viewing to Gear VR users

Samsung has announced that it will be providing immersive viewing experiences to users of its Gear VR headsets for future sporting and music events.

Samsung has announced a new collaboration with UFC, X Games and Live Nation to provide immersive event viewing experiences to users of its Gear VR headsets.
Owners of the Samsung gadget will be able to watch events such as live music concerts, boxing matches and football games via immersive virtual reality technology by purchasing a VR Live Pass, which will be available from next month.
Younghee Lee, chief marketing officer and executive vice-president at Samsung Electronics, commented: "Partnering with these companies to expand our VR services helps us to open up a new gateway of opportunities for fans and demonstrate our commitment to delivering experiences that make the seemingly impossible, possible."
It means that people will be able to feel as though they have a front-row seat at major music and sporting events while remaining in the comfort of their own home, reflecting the changing way that consumers access content in their increasingly busy lives.
Samsung also recently revealed that it has extended its Gear VR technology to a total of 45 countries, allowing even more people to experience virtual reality from wherever they are.


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