Putting contextual advertising in the spotlight

Posted on: Monday 05 September 2022 | IAB UK

Between 5-9 September 2022, we’re spotlighting content from our members that explores how advertisers can get the most out of a contextual approach to advertising

Targeting audiences based on the content an ad appears in has long been an established strategy across the media mix, but the deprecation of third-party identifiers has brought the value of contextual online advertising to the fore. 

So what does an effective contextual strategy look like? How are channels such as audio and gaming utilising contextual tools? And is contextual AI redefining targeting?  

Contextual advertising

To help you understand what’s happening in this space, we’ve asked our members to share opinion pieces, research and podcasts on the IAB UK Member Vault that delves into the unique opportunities contextual advertising has to offer.

With contributions from companies including A Million Ads, Oracle, IRIS.TV, Silverbullet and Seedtag, to name a few, head to the IAB UK Member Vault for more.

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