How to Harness the Power of Contextual Targeting

Posted on: Monday 24 August 2020 | IAB UK

Created with IAB UK members, this guide covers the advantages contextual targeting offers advertisers, new developments and recommended best practices

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Contextual targeting has always been a core part of the marketing strategy, but advancements in technology and a shift towards privacy-focused solutions - hastened by the end of third-party cookies - means that the benefits of contextual targeting are coming to the fore.

This guide offers a definitive round up of what contextual targeting is, its benefits and limitations, new and emerging technologies within this space, and best practices for advertisers looking to effectively harness the power of context. 

With special thanks to Beemray, GumGum, Integral Ad Science, Lumen, Oracle Data Cloud, PubMatic, Seedtag, Smartology, Xandr and Zefr who authored this guide with IAB UK. 

Further reading: Download seedtag’s research on contextual targeting here.

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