Listening Britain Spring 2020: 29m listen to online audio weekly

Posted on: Thursday 28 May 2020 | IAB UK

Our downloadable deck and infographic pull together key findings from the latest Rajar MIDAS data on online audio listening habits in the UK

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The data shows that 52.6% of the UK population aged 15 years and over are tuning into online audio each week, spending an average of 12.8 hours listening. 

When it comes to devices used, smartphones dominate - making up 62% of weekly online audio reach. Meanwhile, 30% of reach comes via desktops, 30% via voice activated speakers, 12% via tablets and 2% via game consoles. 

The most popular online audio content being consumed are on-demand music services (31%), live radio via IP (27.9%) and podcast downloads (18%). 

Of all those that listen to online audio, 24% listen exclusively online, rising to 35% among 15 – 24 year olds. 

Want to find out more? Download the infographic here.

For an insight into daily online audio consumption, you can also download the ‘Audio Day Data’ deck below.

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