JICWEBS announces industry move to tackle video viewability

Posted on Tuesday 01 February 2022

The UK’s Joint Industry Committee for Web Standards (JICWEBS) – the independent body that defines best practice and standards for online ad trading – has announced the next stage in the move to address online viewability.

JICWEBS has produced recommended guidelines for products that aim to measure the viewability of online video. The video guidelines form part of the updated “Principles for Viewability Products”, which was produced by a cross-industry group that feeds into JICWEBS, as well as learnings from the MRC and IAB in the U.S.

According to the latest IAB UK/PwC Digital Adspend study, video advertising in 2015 grew 51% to £711m, now accounting for nearly one-quarter (23%) of display ad spend.

“Video spend is growing at over three times the rate of overall online spend, consequently, advertisers are becoming more focused in their demand for greater transparency in this area,” said JICWEBS’ Chairman Richard Foan. “This update helps their conversations with the sell-side and viewability vendors, to improve understanding of and trust in digital advertising.” 

Mark Finney, director of media and advertising, ISBA, said: “Viewability is a fundamental issue for all our members. After all, you can’t be made aware of a preference for a brand, much less be motivated to buy a product, if you can’t see the advertising! We fully support the direction JICWEBS is taking to help provide greater clarity in this area for all parties involved.”

Tim Faircliff, Executive Chairman, AOP, said: “Media owners from our AOP membership providing quality content are keen to be part of a process to improve the reporting of video viewability levels which, ultimately, benefits both themselves and their advertiser clients.” 

Brand safety 

In a separate move, and following on from the above viewability and recent anti-fraud initiatives, JICWEBS announces the latest update on its online brand safety initiative. 

Thirty-six organisations have been awarded seals (valid for 12 months) confirming their processes meet industry-agreed standards to reduce the risk of ads being served next to inappropriate or illegal content online. 

Foan comments: “It’s very encouraging to note that, for 30 of these 36 companies, this is their second or third certification which demonstrates their on-going commitment to maximising brand safety for their clients.”

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