An introduction to digital display advertising

Posted on Tuesday 06 July 2021 | IAB UK

Created for smaller media owners, this guide breaks down the essential components of digital display advertising - from the different formats available to measurement strategy considerations

Want to know your MPUs from your leaderboards? Or how to measure the effectiveness of digital display advertising? For smaller media owners without specialist teams, navigating digital display campaigns can be challenging. To help, we’ve created a concise guide that covers…

  • A run-through of different ad units and standard sizes 
  • Audience reach and targeting 
  • Details of buying display advertising 
  • Tracking and reporting on campaigns 

“We have such a diverse digital ecosystem, with many niche media owners serving under-represented audiences and it’s this diversity that we need to support - yet smaller media owners often don’t have the resources or dedicated digital teams to navigate digital display campaigns,” explains Sophia Haynes, IAB UK’s Director of Campaigns. “We wanted to pull together some guidance that would help small publishers to serve their clients and get the most out of display advertising. This introductory guide lays out the key considerations in an accessible and concise way, with the aim of supporting small media owners and protecting diversity in the digital media supply chain.”

With thanks to Nationwide and Wavemaker, who helped to create this guide. 

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