IAB UK Podcast | Introducing IAB UK's Real Living 2021

Posted on: Thursday 18 November 2021 | IAB UK


This week, IAB UK launched the final part of our Real Living research into the behaviour of shoppers, gamers, listeners and viewers over the past year. When are people doing things, what are they doing and crucially, how are they doing it?

IAB UK's Real Living 2021 is a cumulation of four week-long specialism events we’ve run throughout 2021 with all of those deep dives laddering up to a set of brilliant insights relating to lockdown behaviour with our digital devices.

In this episode, the IAB's Head of Research and Measurement, Elizabeth Lane, shares the research headlines and James gets the view of three of the industry’s smartest thinkers to interpret the consumer insights and help us all understand what they actually mean to advertisers and buyers: Dan Daynes, International Strategy & Planning Lead, Mindshare, Monica Majumdar, Head of Strategy, Wavemaker UK, and Simon Andrews, Founder at Addictive and publisher of the must-have Fix newsletter.

Get the full research, watch our short explainer video, and get the deep specialism dives at here.

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