IAB UK launches creator marketing guide

Posted on Wednesday 27 March 2024

Working with our Creator Marketing Group, we’ve produced a 101 guide on how to effectively engage with influencer-led marketing

Co-created with Buttermilk, Meta, Publicis Media Group, SuperAwesome and TikTok, 'Creator Connections: Leveraging creator marketing to build your brand' covers what creator marketing is, how to activate campaigns and why the channel should be on brands’ radars.

Commenting on the release of the guide, Connie Hawker, Member Services Manager at IAB UK, said: “Creator marketing has exploded in recent years, transforming the way brands can connect with their audiences, drive brand awareness and ultimately steer purchasing decisions.

“There’s a vast array of content creators from which brands can choose to partner with, but it's crucial to understand how best to seek out relationships that make the most sense for your brand. This guide equips both the experienced and the uninitiated with best practices and actionable insights to activate effective campaigns.”

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